Picking up the keys

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

I was imagining something rather grand when we went to collect the keys. I pictured the dead man’s chest, or something from the Harry Potter books – heavy wrought iron on a giant metal ring. Not string and yale. But here they are. Impressive, huh? The keys to our ‘new’ project.

Moreton House, Bideford, a “28-bedroom former gentleman’s residence”, is a bit of a fixer-upper. Starting with new locks. This wonderful Georgian House used to be part of Grenville college, closed since 2009. Its sale received a bit of publicity (which I will get around to linking to later) with the Daily Mail gleefully comparing the asking price to a garage in Knightsbridge. On the day the sale contracts were exchanged, they ran the story again, calling it the biggest bargain of Black Friday.

So here we are. There are two more buckets of keys to sort through, working out which of the 70 rooms they belong to. We’re thinking of it as a 10 year project. And this is the start of our journey.

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