Surveys, surveys, surveys

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

If you can think of a survey, we’ve commissioned it.

Trees, heritage, wildlife, measurements, landscape, electricals, gas, buildings inspection, roof, rebuild valuation, asbestos, you name it, we’ve got someone surveying it, measuring it, and writing a report about it!

It hasn’t all been stuffy paperwork, though. It’s been a busy couple of months. Our architects are engaged (fantastic local firm), the old headmaster’s apartment has been quickly refurbished, so that the primary coloured paint explosion is all magnolia’d (dull, I know but did you know that trade white and magnolia is actually by far the cheapest paint?) heating sorted, temporarily (we’ll have to sort out the supply route properly when the rest of the house is ‘done’), windows working and painted, carpets down and a few basic bits of furniture and appliances in. Cousins installed so it’s properly inhabited as a family home for the first time in decades. Now comes the real fun. We’re back at work, making sure we have the means to fund all the many many surveys. And we’ve also started the process of building a development study, ready to present our ideas to the planning and heritage departments. Watch this space…

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