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Our holiday booking process will be slightly different this year, as we incorporate our newly launched wedding packages.

Holiday accommodation can now be booked year round for either a weekend break, a short break during the week, or consecutive weekend and weekday slots to make a full week or more.

Our changeover days will be Thursdays and Mondays.

Weekend slots run Thursday evening to Monday morning. You may of course check in anytime on a Friday if preferred, and leave on a Sunday afternoon or evening. Weekends can be booked online.

Weekday slots run from Monday afternoon to Thursday morning. This allows a budget short break option for those not tied to weekends. Short breaks during the week can be booked online.

To book a standard week, you can choose Monday to Monday or Thursday to Thursday. The price for a week is a little less than a weekend plus a weekday slot. Weekly stays can be booked online.

To book for longer than a week, please contact us. The pricing will generally be slightly discounted for longer periods. We offer special pricing for our premium week, which gives accommodation over two full consecutive weekends (Friday of weekend 1 to the end of Sunday or even Monday morning of weekend 2), allowing you to enjoy the maximum time away for one week off work.

For group accommodation, you can either book more than one apartment on this main system, or please feel free get in touch with dates and numbers, and we will help you select the best combination of suites. We can accommodate groups from single rooms all the way up to about 30 guests using additional guest rooms in the main house. We have options for extra rooms by the night, if you would like to have additional guests to visit you here for just part of your stay. Please do get in touch for options.

These changes may seem a little at odds with the large holiday companies, offering weekly stays starting on Fridays or Saturdays. This is not an accident. We now offer weddings, which means that our weekends start a little early, and check outs on Thursdays allow us to get the whole house ready for a weekend wedding party. We have also found that many of our visitors had difficult and long journeys on standard changeover days, and often our guests have preferred making their journeys on quieter days. In addition, the pandemic has affected the seasonal workforce quite severely, making it very difficult to find staff for busy standard changeover days. We have therefore taken the decision to set a different weekly timetable, that will also allow us to run our weekend weddings and functions throughout the season.

If the dates offered for automatic booking online aren't what you are looking for, don't hestitate to get in touch, and we will do our best to help.

You can view availability for all of our accommodation using the calendar below. If you know which apartment you are interested in, you can click on the name to the left of the calendar, or head to the page for that apartment. 

Click on apartment name for detailed information and individual booking calendars.